How Great Leaders Inspire Action: Simon Sinek on TED

I saw this  18 minute TED talk by Simon Sinek on  how great leaders inspire action.  When I listen (and listen again), I am inspired on how this three circle concept that he articulates helps shape and guide decisions on a daily basis.

When you are either leading or a key contributor to any improvement effort, you want to maintain your core values in your daily decisions.  What I see as important is that the three circles help you  frame and guide decisions you make on a daily basis.  Whether you are working in a non-profit or commercial organization, this model can help serve as a filter for the decisions you make, especially when you are trying to improve in certain areas of your work or personal life.

Which key point from Mr. Sinek’s talk do you find most powerful?

How have you seen this work (or not work) in your work?