8 Keys for getting the most out of leading your team

Jennifer Reingold wrote an intriguing article on leading your team. She outlines 8 key practices.

1.      Think big with talent.

2.      Be honest and accountable.

3.      Empower the  person closest to the action.

She also outlined some possible ideas to think about when performance review time rolls around. These are some questions you might ask:

  1. Did you achieve your organizational goals?
  2. How did you perform against expectations?
  3.  What are your management skills?
  4.  How are you in working with peers?
  5. How are you at innovation?

Source: The Secret Coach, Jennifer Reingold, Fortune magazine, 7/21/08


What do you think? Are there any missing elements from Ms. Reingold’s article that you find are critical in leading your team?