5 Key Thoughts and Principles of Leadership (part 4 of 5)

(Note-you can find the first post that outlines the background of this series here and here. This is the fourth in the series.

4-WHAT IS YOUR PHILOSOPHY OF LEADERSHIP? The CEO I listened to noted this as a cornerstone of leadership: ” I believe in lots of servant leadership. I try when people come in and sit down, I ask a 5 word question-“How can I help you?” (NOT What do you want?).  I mean that-think about how those words sound.  This sets the stage from the start.  People come to you because they may be anxious, fearful, afraid of you or what you might do.  I get it but I don’t get it.”

“You have to create an environment where you can get at the issue and solving it.  It is at the core of servant leadership.  It is a primary job to serve.   If you are not deploying your skils in the service of others or the organization, you will be less effective.  History is filled with all sorts of leadership styles-fear ultimately destroys the leader and those around him or her, even if the cause was righteous.”