Culture and Innovation Positively Linked

Organizations frequently look for innovation to help them help solve thorny organizational problems.  Whether the phrase is uttered, “Do more with less” or “Think outside the box”, innovation is key.  A recent study, “The Global Innovation 1000”, outlined key elements for success:

  1. Innovation strategy tightly aligned with it’s overall organizational strategy
  2. The strategy is communicated consistently throughout the organization
  3. A prioritized set of capabilities that match the strategy
  4. Ensure the innovation strategy translates to a clear, tangible, action plan
  5. A supportive culture

The culture element is so difficult because it is built up “a brick at a time, a point at a time, over decades.  You need consistency; you need persistence; and you need gentle, behind the scenes encouragement in addition to top down support.  And you can lose it very quickly.”

The big takeaway?  The more closely aligned these elements are, the greater set of capabilities you can bring to bear on these thorny organizational challenges.

(Source: Jaruzelski, Loehr, and Holman, Booz & Company, Winter 2011)